2018 Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul

October 06, 2019



Dress-scape no.10 is participating in 2018 Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul. 

2018 Fashion Art Biennale in Seoul hosts 'Fashion Communicates Automobile' themed fashion show and exhibition with 120 leading fashion artists around the world. 

Please come and see.


Place: BEAT360, Seoul

Date: Fri, October 19 - Fri, October, 26, 2018

Extension of Fashion - Innovation & Upcycling

Dress-scape no.9 has been exhibited in the exhibition-'Extension of Fashion - Innovation & Upcycling' organised by the Costume Culture Association in Seoul Upcyling Plaza. This work is awarded the excellence prize.


The detail of the work is on Project.

2018 Internation KOSCO exhibition in Thailand

August 22, 2019



A new version of my research theme-Dress-scape no.8 has been exhibited in 2018  international KOSCO at National Library of Public Information, Taiwan, Thailand.

The detail of the work in on Project.

Correctional Officer Uniform Design

April 30, 2018

Professor Choi and I has finally completed a project for correctional officer uniform design. This project involved three stages; Pre-design(problem acceptance, research of uniforms in other public institutions), Design development, and Design evaluation. This project will be published in a journal in detail, June, 2018.

Lorenzo Il Magnifico" 2nd Prize Award at Florence Biennale 2017

October 19, 2017

The Dress-scape has been awarded the "Lorenzo Il Magnifico" 2nd Prize (Video Art category) at Florence Biennale 2017.

Solo Exhibition

October 04, 2017

My solo exhibition is held between 5th October and 9th October in Insa Art-space, Seoul, South Korea.

The Shirt-scape 는 이 전시의 주제이자 작가의 연구주제인 ‘Dress-scape’ 에서 발전시킨 개념이다. Dress-scape 는 ‘sound-scape’ 으로부터 파생된 용어로 옷이 착용자에게 입혀짐으로써 비로소 그 옷만의 전경(-scape)을 가지게 되고 그것이 그 옷의 dress-scape 로 정의내려질 수 있다는 작가의 생각에서 비롯되었다. Sound-scape 에서 시간과 공간이 빠져서는 안되는 요소이듯, The Shirt-scape 에서 화이트셔츠라는 conventional 한 의복아이템이 다양한 군상의 착용자들을 만나면서 그들 각자의 시간과 공간 안에서 경험한 순간들(happenings or performances) 을 축적하며 그 자욱들을 옷에 스며드는 것을 표현하려 했다.


이것은 또한 옷이라는 매개체로부터 익명의 누군가의 정체성, 스타일, 그리고 자전적 이야기들간의 고유한 연결관계에 관한 작가의 표현 중 하나로 설명될 수 있다. 착용자의 연령, 성별, 직업, 상태, 상황 등으로 구성된 각자의 삶의 이야기의 단편들이 대량생산되는 기성복을 통해서 어떻게 반향될 수 있을까에 대한 탐구가 각 작품 속에 녹아 있다. 또한, 이것은 Jeff Horsley 의 “fashion autobiography” 개념- 현재, 갤러리안에서의 패션전시가 보여주는 기존 방식에 대한 새로운 방향과 연관지을 수 있겠다.


또한, 착용이 불가능한 옷의 형태, 신체(body or mannequin)의 부재, 그리고 의복인지 art-work인지 모호하게 만드는 프레임 안에 놓여있는 작품의 형태는 갤러리나 뮤지엄에서의 패션전시에 대한 여러 시선들과 그에 따라 논의되는 여러 쟁점들(e.g. 패션이 예술작품인가 미적 소비재인가)을 환기시키고자 하였다.


더 나아가, 관람자 역시 작품을 돌아보며 자신들의 자전적 기억과 감각적 경험들을 떠올리고 작품과 연계시키면서, 그들의 기억속의 옷에 대한 추억을 환기시키며 전시공간과 교감하고 각자만의 dress-scape 을 만들어나가기를 기대한다. 

Sound which has a material effect on things produces affect through its resonance, and it can also be thought in garments and fashion that the wearer or the viewer could feel an affective experience from a garment. In this sense, the term ‘sound-scape’ was the starting point for the notion of ‘dress-scape’: the affective dimensions created by a wearer’s physical and psychic experience, and the inherent personal and social relationships of clothing. 


This exhibition, ‘The Shirt-scape’ is derived from ‘dress-scape’, focusing on the various ‘-scapes' of white shirts. One of the most conventional items, mass-produced white shirts encounter a group of various wearers then accumulate happenings or performances of those in their own time and space. The works try to record the invisible marks of those experiences or memories. 


The works also bring into question the authentic relationship of someone’s identity, history, style, and autobiographic narratives. How could the fragments of someone’s life-story reflect on mass-produced ready-to-wear clothes? This can closely relate to “fashion autobiography” initiated by a fashion exhibition researcher, Jeff Horsley. The mode of fashion exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the world has been diversifying with new prospectives: from well-known fashion designers’ collection pieces, chosen mainly to function as aesthetically beautiful images  in a glass frame toward ‘an actual garment that has been worn by a wearer’. According to this movement, I can speculate that there could be much more potential to research and make fashion exhibitions through situating fashion in, or associating fashion with, other fields or disciplines. 


In addition, this potential research question would enrich the fascinating yet troubled discussion about fashion and art, and possibly fashion and other fields. The unwearable form of garments, the absence of body or mannequin, and the ambiguous form of whether it is clothing or art-works could trigger a debate as to the quality of fashion within fashion exhibitions: Is fashion art-work or aesthetic commodity?) 


Lastly, I hope that the viewers can awaken their memories and sensual experiences through the works in the exhibition then create their own dress-scape. 

The Sound of Wearing the Irritating Skirt and Its Imprint on the Skin

October 05, 2017

The Florence Biennale International Selection Committee (CIS) expressed its favourable opinion about my work and curriculum for the participation in the forthcoming edition of the International contemporary art biennial of Florence. The XIth Florence Biennale, which will take place in Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, from 6 to 15 October 2017, will engage participating artists and visitors in a rich programme of artistic and cultural activities. 


I will be exhibiting one of my works, 'The Vocal Cord of the Irritating Skirt' in 'Fashion and Noise', part of the Open Senses Festival in London, UK. Further detail will be posting later.

Fashion and noise is a small scale exhibition that considers sonic and optical noise in relation to fashion, and in particular explores the ways women engage with their senses through dress. Viewers will be able to look at, touch and try on the display objects which include garments and other accessories, photography, video art, audio recordings.

I will be working as associate professor in department of Textile Art and Fashion Design at Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea from March, 2017. 

March 01, 2017

Launched 'HORSE and PEARL STUDIO'.

December 24, 2016

October 15, 2016

My solo exhibition 'Dress-scape' was held in Courtyard Gallery, Royal College of Art between 10th and 15th October 2016. 

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