I wore the skirt and sat on a chair for about half an hour,

pressing the studs onto my skin to leave their marks.

When I first sat on the chair, it really hurt.

After a while, however, I felt nothing.

But then, whenever I moved even a little bit, the pain hit me again.

The sense of touch indeed is activated by movement...

The skin is such a dull yet sensitive surface.

I have never been so violently made aware of my bodily self.

While I sat on the chair, a friend of mine helped me

to make the alginate paste for life-casting.

We had to be very fast with applying the paste

—not only because alginate paste takes no time to cure,

but also because I was afraid of losing the stud-marks on my legs. 

As the paste dried and hardened over time,

the casting became smaller than its original size.

There are now some cracks around the edges

and even a few green mould-spots have appeared.

It looks like a tangible version of the faded ‘dress-scape’ of the irritating skirt. 


A journal entry on Sunday 6 December 2015

The Faded Imprint on the Skin