The Vocal Cord of the Irritating Skirt

If there were the voice of a garment, it could be made from the wearer’s affective, bodily reaction to the wearing experience. To induce stronger affective reaction to a garment, this irritating skirt lets the wearer interplay with it then be more aware of the self.

How could a garment arouse an affect in the wearer?

Affect is the resonance from one’s ‘non-conscious’ bodily reaction on a certain ‘intensity’ of an experience of

materials, objects, others, or environments.

In this regard, the dress could allow the wearer to experience

an emotional affect via its contact with the dressed body.

However, as garments should normally be comfortably worn

on the body, having an affective experience of wearing

seems not to commonly occur.

Instead irritation, as one of the unpleasant sensations

felt through wearing a garment, might cause affects,

i.e. a tight, body-conscious dress; trousers’ hems touching ankles when walking; even looking at someone wearing a too-small shirt, where the buttons are squeezing his or her waist and look as though they are about to come off.

So an uncomfortable wearing experience can heighten

one’s awareness of the body

and, more precisely, of the surface of the body.

A journal entry on Thursday 31 October 2013