The Voice of the Stripes

This installation as the translated version of Striped Overcoat is comprised of 5 cubic-shaped arrangements with transparent acetate sheets and the sound from a hypersonic speaker on the ceiling. This work as the embodied temporal/spatial/material dimensions experienced by the viewer, adds to the dress-scape of Striped Overcoat.

Striped Overcoat was motivated by my desire to make use of

the rhythm and auditory illusions generated from striped surfaces.

As I was looking at the coat,

I became curious as to whether actual acoustic sound may be produced

if the overcoat were broken down even further.

This noise could be even louder and more material

than the moment when the stripes were help up vertically,

returning the coat to its primal state of dispersed lines.

The process of breaking down the overcoat

—slicing the pattern pieces into lines, then laying them on other surfaces—seems like going back to its initial state of conception.

By dismantling the overcoat, lines are generated,

and these lines are transferred onto acetate sheets.

The transparency renders the acetate sheet somewhat ghostly,

as it seems to ‘absorb’ any surface behind it:

when a transparent surface is put on white paper,

it becomes a white-coloured surface;

when put on a wooden table, it treasures the tree rings in the wood.


A journal entry on Monday 10 August 2015